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CBD For Dogs – An All Natural Remedy

CBD For Dogs – An All Natural Remedy

CBD For Dogs – An All Natural Remedy


Hemp Oil, CBD oil, Canna treats and CBD Capsules are gaining more popularity in pets today. Dogs especially are getting more attention from their Cannabis loving parents. Can this natural medicine also be good for pets as well? Let’s dive into this and look at some of the benefits that this magic herb has to offer our dogs and cats.

CBD helps dogs with pain and inflammation

Your dog can suffer from chronic pain and inflammation in the joints. This is commonly known as arthritis. When your dog is diagnosed with arthritis it’s difficult to deal with and accept. Arthritis is a painful conditions associated with inflammation in the joints. It effects older dogs and is can never be cured. It can however be treated with CBD dog treats. CBD has been proven to reduce the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. It also reduced the inflammation in joints.

CBD helps dogs with stress & anxiety

Your pet can become stressed out and have anxiety from different things. Separation anxiety can be traumatizing for your dog or cat. When pets are young they get use to the flood of attention and become dependent on someone always being there to tend to them. But when they get older this attention gets less and less. The dog then starts to get anxiety when their master leaves them alone. Signs of separation anxiety include; barking non stop and howling, panting, whining, digging or scratching, pacing back and forth, destroying property and urinating.  CBD has been proven to reduce the anxiety in your pet and relax the body. Use CBD dog treats to reduce stress and anxiety in your pet today!

Other anxieties that need attention are travel anxiety and noise anxiety. Car rides can be frightful for your pet so please don’t force your dog or cat in a car. You need to train them and ease them in to it. Always be prepared with a reward too if they obey too. I would recommend giving them a yummy Holistapet CBD Dog treat

CBD helps dogs with skin & allergy conditions

If your dog or cat scratches themselves continuously then it might be suffering from allergies. Allergies are a very common condition that pets have these days. There are a lot of chemicals and household items that can set off an allergic reaction. If you see your pet sneezing a lot, scratching it’s skin, bald spots and scabs then you might want to look into giving them CBD oil dog treats. CBD has been proven to reduce the scratching associated with allergies and dry skin.

CBD helps dogs with cancer & tumors

Yes that’s write. Although CBD can’t cure cancer it can sure help reduce the side effects caused by cancer and or chemotherapy. CBD has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation. This is what cancer brings. Some studies have shown that CBD has actually shrunken tumors and kills cells associated with cancer.

CBD helps dogs with seizures & epilepsy

CBD has been shown to help dogs with epilepsy. Many tests have shown CBD can reduce the duration of the seizures as well as the frequency. CBD is being recognized as the number one treatment for seizures and epilepsy because of how well and fast it takes effect. CBD is non psychoactive so it doesn’t get you “high” or intoxicated. That is why it has been the best treatment for children.

If your pet has any of these conditions CBD can help. Try giving your dog or cat some CBD and test the results. I’m sure they won’t surprise you.

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